Promoting Success: Top Dog featured in Courier Times giving entrepreneurs new avenues to succeed - 02 / 6 / 17

Rebecca Rescate has become an expert in marketing products that no one needs, but everyone wants.

A toilet training kit for cats. A pillow with a hood, A blanket with a “tail” that turns in wearer into a mermaid.

Rescate has thrived as a promoter and marketer of unusual products, thanks to a keen sense of what people want – and buoyed by success on two appearances on “Shark Tank” the reality TV show in which inventors pitch their products to investors.

“It did not occur to me until recently that I’ve created a career in launching products,” said Rescate, who lives in Lower Makefield, “I can just create another product line and fill another need within the marketplace and continue going. Yea, this is what I’m doing for a living.”

Rescate has succeeded where countless others have failed.

An inventor’s path to success has always been a rocky one. It takes a combination of marketing savvy, financial prowess and technical skill to successfully bring a product to the masses. While social media and crowdfunding campaigns have made it easier to reach an audience, that same audience is being bombarded by more information than ever before. experts said.

“Taking a product to market is not an easy task,” said Nicole Lininger, director of communications for InventHelp, a Pittsburgh company that helps inventors nationwide patent their products. “The success rate from taking an invention from an idea stage to getting distribution is a long process. It doesn’t happen for everyone.”

Despite that, the number of patents for U.S. inventors has risen steadily over the years.

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