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Who is Top Dog Direct?

Top Dog Direct is located in suburban Philadelphia. Top Dog Direct sells to individuals on TV and the Internet while NPI, an affiliate, sells to wholesale accounts such as catalogers and mass-market big box retailers.

What do we do?

We develop or find new products and create "as seen on TV products." We create compelling short-form commercials to launch TV branded products by advertising the "right" products that fit our mold. Compelling TV branded advertising drives direct response sales and a multiple of those sales at brick and mortar retailers.

What is the "Right" Product?

Although few products fit all the criteria, those that address most of them, have a much higher probability of success.

  1. Mass Market
  2. Compelling Visible Demonstrations
  3. Solves an Important Problem to Customers
  4. Cost of Goods allows for TV marketing
  5. Instant Transformations, Works Quickly
  6. Good Value versus Competitive Alternatives
  7. Not Available at Mass Retail outlets... yet

How is Top Dog Direct Different from the Competition?

We are not a large, bureaucratic organization where projects are lost in the shuffle. We only do a few projects a year that we believe in, and we concentrate our efforts for their success. We sweat the details at the highest level of management. We believe that our success rate is the highest in the industry by keeping true to the "right" products and focusing all our efforts on them.

How Do Entrepreneurial Inventors Participate?

We pay inventors a royalty on the retail selling price of TV sales and a royalty on the wholesale sales to retailers. All marketing and manufacturing costs are paid by our organization. We are not an "inventor mill."

What Products have been Successful?

Our first success was Tan Perfect, followed by Urine Gone, Mighty Putty, Mighty Mendit, Smart Mop, Strap Perfect, Mighty Fixit, Hot Booties, Fast Brite, Stream Clean, Tag Away and Night View NV, Nerve Pain Away, Ideal Conceal, Campbell Posture Cane.

Interested? Contact Top Dog

Steve Silbiger, Chief Marketing Officer

Jacklyn Bloemker, Director of Marketing